Wind Turbine Blade Repair 

HF Industri & Marine is an authorized distributor and warehousekeeper of GURIT RENUVO products

     RENUVOTM - a UV curing composite laminating system, developed and manufactured by Gurit (UK) Ltd.

      What the RENUVOTM process offers:

  • Elimination of human error of mixing and dispensing.
  • Up-tower/on-blade time saving
  • High quality composite repair
  • Wide repair weather window
  • Improved health and safety
  • Clean process and laminating
  • No hazardous waste handling

      The RENUVOTM products:

  • RENUVO™ PP (prepreg) laminating system:
    • 600 gsm BIAX plus 35% matrix
    • 600 gsm UD plus 35% matrix

      What UV curing is:

  • Photochemical process using UVA wavelengths to cure the composite matrix.

     Watch the video with UV curing: Video

     RENUVO Tools, such as UV curing lamp, spike roller, hard rollers, vacuum consolidation heater mat, consumables etc.
     can be  bought  on our Webshop



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